Today’s Outfit

I thought I would link the details for my outfit today…that might fun.

A lot of what I am wearing is no longer available, so I am linking similar options.

This Madewell top is a good choice and only $16

I found a pretty comparable pair of white denim for only $59; they are STS Blue

I really, REALLY wanted the Tory Burch espadrilles, but I wasn’t willing to spend $200. Thankfully, Sam Edelman came out with their own version and they are so comfortable and they are only $89; BUT! I just found some that are on sale for $63! Check them out here.

Happy Shopping




The Northern Italian

Over a year ago I switched from a personal, to a business Instagram; The Northern Italian. I wanted to showcase my photography, my style, my pup, and share my struggles with my health. I never wanted to be a ‘style influencer’ because 1. I am way too lazy for all of that business and 2. I don’t like the way some influencers are all about LOOK AT ALL THIS EXPENSIVE SHIT I HAVE. It can really make you feel like a piece of shit yourself. PSSSSST….it’s mostly all fake, you guys….

I want my Instagram to stand out to those who struggle everyday; to not only get out of bed every morning, but who are single, who suffer from some type of ailment, but WHO STILL WANT TO LOOK LIKE A FUCKIN BOSS. I like to buy skin care and make-up, I like to shop til I drop, but I also need to take 10 medications per day, sometimes I don’t work out, sometimes I don’t want to see any people, because I don’t like people, and people just suck everything out of me. I also smoke a lot of weed….it’s medical, okay.

So, I want my Instagram to be real, none of this fake smile and here is all my shit, and you should buy all this shit, because all this shit will make you feel better. NO! I mean, I do shop to feel better, but it really doesn’t; it’s a coping mechanism, and DUH! Of course it’s going to make you feel better until you get home and your bank account is like YO, BITCH..WHAT THE FUCK. Then you’re all depressy and watch 10 hours of Friends.

Developing a brand is difficult and I am struggling. What should I post? How often should I post? Do I want to let strangers in to parts of my life that I don’t really want to let them into, but I should because maybe others are suffering and need to see that someone else is suffering, too.

My Instagram needs work and I am still deciding what I want to do and what my brand should be. I want my posts to be very methodical and done in way that people feel driven to visit my page, or even my blog!

Social media can be a tool to help others or it can be a tool to cause damage to your own life. Use it wisely.

Talk soon, friends.



When Did Buying Fake Goods Become, Gucci?

I understand that we live in this world of I want it, and I want it now! This goes for fashion, make-up, television, food, dating…anything. Owning the latest ‘it’ item provides social clout that as given way to influencers, and bloggers boasting about their knock-offs in absurd quantities.

If someone is a fashion influencer, why the fuck are they telling people to buy cheap Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Channel., etc from Amazon or Alibaba? I am so bamboozled by this, because a lot of the influencers that I follow, often do giveaways that involve a Louis Vuitton ‘neverfull’ handbag; I question the legality of these handbags, and if these handbags are indeed, real, why are influencers promoting the sale of other fake bags? All of it is so strange to me

Gucci and others, have fought long and hard to keep their brand, luxury, so why are so many trying to take that away for fast fashion, to have the latest it piece? I get it, I really do. I shop more than most and I love the rush it gives you; waiting for that package, seeing what that piece is going to look like, what it’s going to feel like. It’s like a drug…

AND HANDBAGS! My mama raised me on Gucci and I am Italian. If you have ever been to Florence, and have visited the Gucci museum, then you know the true craftsmanship of what these brands do, not just with handbags, but with each collection and collaboration that they release.

So many of these fashion influencers talk about the meaning of body positivity and how we need to love what we have and be accepting of ourselves; yet they are constantly filling our feeds with teeth whiting, diet fads, eye lash extensions, fake self tanner, vacations every other week. Don’t get me wrong, I am very fortunate to have the life that I have, but telling people to buy illegal knock of handbags from China makes me want to cry. These kockoffs aren’t cheap, either, I mean; someone could buy a Tory Burch bag or a Coach bag for the same cost and IT IS REAL and LEGAL.

Do I want the Gucci Zumi grainy leather medium top handle bag in burgundy; which has an interlocking G horsebit and retails for $3,980?FUCK YES I DO. This bag is iconic and so fucking beautiful. It would sit so nicely with my other Gucci bags that I get when my family and I travel to Italy. This is WAY out of my price range; I am single dog mom for Pete’s Sake (who is Pete anyway?), and the Client Associate will have to pry the gorgeous bag out of my cold dead hands, and will then have to wipe the puddle from the drool and tears, because I am five and will throw a fit.

These luxury handbags are not bags that you buy, use a couple of times and toss away, these are pieces that you will have forever, and that you can pass down to your children. My mama has two Gucci bags that are nearly 30 years old and in mint condition.

It’s about integrity. The problem with fashion influencers is they care more about loving stuff than loving fashion; when they should be caring more about what goes into the vision of each of these collections these designers release.

To most Gucci and other well known luxury designer brands are just part of a billion dollar fashion industry, and if some of par take in buying a knock off one time it wont hurt their bottom line. Also, it would seem, social media normalizes buying knock offs, influencers who have a large following make it acceptable, and, well, here in lies the problem.

I love fashion. I love Gucci, clearly.



” E-Commerce is a growing segment of the U.S. economy and has been increasing significantly for the past several years.  Consumer habits are changing as the internet allows individuals to make purchases online.  These advances in economic activity have led to increasing volumes of imports of small, just-in-time packages, creating inspection challenges for CBP.  E-Commerce shipments pose the same health, safety, and economic security risks as containerized shipments, but the volume is higher and continues to grow.  Additionally, transnational criminal organizations are shipping illicit goods to the United States via small packages due to a perceived lower interdiction risk and less severe consequences if the package is interdicted.”

5 Things About My Hydrocephalus

  1. Headaches

I was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus in 2016, I was 32; I am coming up on my three year anniversary of my first brain surgery.

I wont go into detail on my medications, because I don’t think that’s helpful; but I will tell you that I do have daily chronic headaches. Yes, I have a headache everyday.

The headaches are usually worse when I wake up because I have positional headaches, I do have an adjustable bed, so the head of the bed is raised, but I just can’t find the sweet spot. The headaches tend to get better during the day after I have been up for a few hours, because I have been upright.

My shunt has been adjusted numerous times, (I do have an adjustable shunt, so it’s adjusted with a magnet) but I don’t know if travelling or if other magnets nearby make my shunt get out of whack or what….but it’s literally the worst, because after I think I have it at the perfect setting, after about a month or so, something happens and I am right back to have headaches everyday.

If you don’t already know this, there is no cure for hydrocephalus, and the only treatment is brain surgery, or someone messing around with your head in someway.

2. Let’s Talk POT

I take medical marijuana and I love it; to be honest it’s the only thing that helps my pain. Nothing takes away the pain of a hydro headache, because nothing CAN help but the drainage of the CSF fluid, but I am not having another brain surgery unless it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary.

  • CBD – is the type of cannabis that will NOT get you high and it has ALL the benefits of healing your body. CBD is now legal and you can take CBD in numerous forms; such as topically (lotion), Orally (tincture), edibles (gummies), or you can vape.
  • THC – is the type of cannabis that will get you high and in some states you do need a medical marijuana card. Just like CBD, THC offers the same way to ingest the product, and you can also buy flower (bud) and you can do other fun stuff like dab with your bong. *I personally don’t have a bong…but if I did…I would be dabbing ALL DAY.

There are plenty of websites that offer CBD products; just remember that you may not feel the effects of CBD right away. It does take around 30 days for CBD to build in your system.

I take both CBD and THC and I do have my medical marijuana card. I would recommend talking to your medical provider about the benefits of medical marijuana.

3. How Do I Manage My Condition?

I mentioned that I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus three years ago, right?

Before I was diagnosed, I did yoga about five or six days a week, I had a pretty active social life, I liked to do stuff (whatever stuff was).

Now, I am tired ALL the time; I can’t do yoga anymore, people from that time aren’t in my life anymore because they don’t understand what this condition is and what it means.

My life is different now. Yesterday I had a headache so bad I couldn’t get out of bed until almost 1pm. I know I need to get out of bed because I will feel better once I am upright, but everything hurt, my head was just pounding, pain just radiated throughout my entire body.

Usually my headache pain is okay to manage. I can just get up and go on with my day, but yesterday…it was almost “do I go to the hospital or not?” These are the questions I have to ask myself now. This is my life and it’s lonely as fuck.

Botox has helped – I get this done at my neurologist office

Diet change has helped – Paleo (Dairy and Wheat and HUGE factors in headache triggers)

Light Exercise has helped – Walking, light weight training

Stress and Anxiety are also factors in headaches; (like most in their 20’s and 30’s.) trying to find ways to manage stress is also something I am trying to figure out.

4. Get Yourself a Good Neuro Team

If you have a hydro or if you’re like what does she do for treatment?

I see a few people and I really like all of them; they are always there when I need them.

  1. My Primary Care Physician – I see him every three months
  2. My Neurosurgeon – I see him every 11 weeks for botox
  3. My Neurologist – I see him every six months or if I have issues

5. What could I be doing better?

Exercise and a better diet

Consistency is key. The Paleo Diet is designed to heal through food and I really think it could be beneficial for someone like me who not only has hydro, but also has some other ailments, to really consider what I am putting into my body.

Exercise it always important. It’s important to move your body. I have to do a better job at taking care of my body. Even though I might be tired, I need to push through and teach my body to work through the pain.

For all those suffering from pain, you’re not alone. There are so many of us out here.

Don’t give up.


Lordy, Nordy

I think my first word coming out of the womb was, Nordstrom Gucci. Nordstrom will forever be my store, and I tend not to sway too far from them.

Have you readers visited a Nordstrom lately? Velvet, velvet, velvet…OH MY, the velvet. Shoes, blazers, dresses; I mean!! I purchased this beauty which is now sold out, unfortunately. I cannot wait for the UPS man to leave me the treasured gift that is the Nordstrom brown box at my doorstep. This velvet blue blazer is going to be perfect for Thanksgiving with my family in Arizona. I am currently looking for accessories (a perfect pearl brooch, in particular).

  • Here is a similar blazer that is not sold out

The new arrival page, on the Nordstrom website, is drool worthy. If you’re looking for something to wear for your holiday parties, or ahem, first dates; check there, there is something for everyone, at every price point.

Let’s talk about the faux fur jackets trend. Nordy has them in, literally, every style and color (leopard seems to be the trend this season), I prefer the classic brown, and my mom has one that is GORGEOUS, and that I will wear this winter; it’s not faux, though…haters will hate.



Check back for pics of the velvet blazer and fur coat!

Happy Shopping!