About Me

0F1B9DFA-2380-4DA6-AA9F-B52E216DFB39Hi there!

I am Jess, I live in Minneapolis with my dog, Izzy. We like to hang out and do things and stuffs.

Shopping has always been a hobby of mine; my mom and dad have always been current on the top style trends, and I have followed in their footsteps…I don’t know if that is fortunately or unfortunately, but be that as it may, I like clothes, and skin care…and shoes. I like all of the things.

How do I afford all of the things? I work as a Business Analyst for a pharmacovigilance company here in Minneapolis. It’s pretty neat.

What can you expect to find on my blog? Things about clothes and skin care; and about dating (because I am single) AND about traveling, because I am a Dual Italian Citizen, AND dogs…AND maybe about hydrocephalus, because I suffer from that. Who knows, that’s a hodgepodge of stuff. I think mostly it will be about current trends and dating, because who doesn’t want to hear about dating horror stories, and what I wore on said date?

Happy reading!