Today’s Outfit

I thought I would link the details for my outfit today…that might fun.

A lot of what I am wearing is no longer available, so I am linking similar options.

This Madewell top is a good choice and only $16

I found a pretty comparable pair of white denim for only $59; they are STS Blue

I really, REALLY wanted the Tory Burch espadrilles, but I wasn’t willing to spend $200. Thankfully, Sam Edelman came out with their own version and they are so comfortable and they are only $89; BUT! I just found some that are on sale for $63! Check them out here.

Happy Shopping




The Northern Italian

Over a year ago I switched from a personal, to a business Instagram; The Northern Italian. I wanted to showcase my photography, my style, my pup, and share my struggles with my health. I never wanted to be a ‘style influencer’ because 1. I am way too lazy for all of that business and 2. I don’t like the way some influencers are all about LOOK AT ALL THIS EXPENSIVE SHIT I HAVE. It can really make you feel like a piece of shit yourself. PSSSSST….it’s mostly all fake, you guys….

I want my Instagram to stand out to those who struggle everyday; to not only get out of bed every morning, but who are single, who suffer from some type of ailment, but WHO STILL WANT TO LOOK LIKE A FUCKIN BOSS. I like to buy skin care and make-up, I like to shop til I drop, but I also need to take 10 medications per day, sometimes I don’t work out, sometimes I don’t want to see any people, because I don’t like people, and people just suck everything out of me. I also smoke a lot of weed….it’s medical, okay.

So, I want my Instagram to be real, none of this fake smile and here is all my shit, and you should buy all this shit, because all this shit will make you feel better. NO! I mean, I do shop to feel better, but it really doesn’t; it’s a coping mechanism, and DUH! Of course it’s going to make you feel better until you get home and your bank account is like YO, BITCH..WHAT THE FUCK. Then you’re all depressy and watch 10 hours of Friends.

Developing a brand is difficult and I am struggling. What should I post? How often should I post? Do I want to let strangers in to parts of my life that I don’t really want to let them into, but I should because maybe others are suffering and need to see that someone else is suffering, too.

My Instagram needs work and I am still deciding what I want to do and what my brand should be. I want my posts to be very methodical and done in way that people feel driven to visit my page, or even my blog!

Social media can be a tool to help others or it can be a tool to cause damage to your own life. Use it wisely.

Talk soon, friends.



Lordy, Nordy

I think my first word coming out of the womb was, Nordstrom Gucci. Nordstrom will forever be my store, and I tend not to sway too far from them.

Have you readers visited a Nordstrom lately? Velvet, velvet, velvet…OH MY, the velvet. Shoes, blazers, dresses; I mean!! I purchased this beauty which is now sold out, unfortunately. I cannot wait for the UPS man to leave me the treasured gift that is the Nordstrom brown box at my doorstep. This velvet blue blazer is going to be perfect for Thanksgiving with my family in Arizona. I am currently looking for accessories (a perfect pearl brooch, in particular).

  • Here is a similar blazer that is not sold out

The new arrival page, on the Nordstrom website, is drool worthy. If you’re looking for something to wear for your holiday parties, or ahem, first dates; check there, there is something for everyone, at every price point.

Let’s talk about the faux fur jackets trend. Nordy has them in, literally, every style and color (leopard seems to be the trend this season), I prefer the classic brown, and my mom has one that is GORGEOUS, and that I will wear this winter; it’s not faux, though…haters will hate.



Check back for pics of the velvet blazer and fur coat!

Happy Shopping!